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Leading the Midtown Atlanta Zen Sangha is Marcus Joriki Barlow, a novice Zen priest training under Rosemary Bussho Taylor of the Minnesota Zen Center. Our other offerings include Buddhist sewing practice (Nyoho-e) as well as Japanese calligraphy (Shodo). Calligraphy classes are led by Seisen Horino, and a monthly tuition fee is required. 

The Midtown Atlanta Zendo is a member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association. We hold sitting meditation every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. We provide orientations prior to service and sitting periods for those new to meditation. To explore other Buddhist groups in the area, please visit the Atlanta Buddhism Directory.

Zen Buddhism 


  • Buddhist Sewing Practice

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The Midtown Atlanta Zendo offers  Zen  Buddhist Meditation and practice  in the Japanese Soto tradition. We are in the Katagiri Lineage of American Soto Zen. We offer bi-weekly meditation along with study and discussion. Twice annually, we offer longer retreats (sesshin), and frequently host one-day sittings (Zazenkai).  Our Zendo is located on  NE 15th Street in Midtown one block from Piedmont park.

​Questions: (404) 892-7886 or midtownatlantazengroup@gmail.com

Please contact the Midtown Atlanta Zen Group with any questions or comments. Continue browsing to view our calendar and photos, and learn more about our calligraphy classes.