Calligraphy classes at the Midtown Atlanta Zendo are instructed by Masako Yamakami, known professionally as Seisin Horino. 


You might be surprised to learn the correct translation of Shodo is, in fact, “the way of the brush,” not “Japanese calligraphy,” as it’s termed in English. With the suffix “do,” meaning “the way of,” Shodo shares a path found in Japanese martial arts like Judo, Kendo and Karate-Do. Shodo students practice mindfulness with every nuance, which includes grinding ink, loading ink to brushes, and then mindful breath, applying ink to paper.  Shodo is one of the many ways Zen Buddhism Practices awareness.

Fee: $60 per month (two sessions)


Japanese brush painting, Sumi-e, is an art with deep ties to Buddhism and Zen.​ Like Shodo, Sumi-e requires deep mindfulness throughout the process of grinding ink, loading brushes, and then putting ink to paper. 

Fee: $60 per month (two sessions)


​Questions: (404) 892-7886 


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More easily translated as “sutra copying,” Shakyo involves carefully reproducing the sutras of the Buddha as a meditative practice. Shakyo became a part of Japanese culture after Chinese monks introduced it during the sixth century A.D. or Nara period. Shakyo adds a spiritual element to calligraphy, as students mindfully replicate the sutras, copying them with traditional inks, brushes and paper.

Fee: $35 per session (three hours every six weeks) 

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